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Postby Footknight » Wed Oct 21, 2015 7:00 am

Ok, this server is... I guess non-existent... possibly because of Bos's realm world having taken over :P Anyhoo, I now have a full time bukkit server with a ranking system and some other goodies in which all CM members (and close friends/known players of Sauer) are welcome to join! I have a special builder rank for CM members and Moderator positions are also available if you feel like keeping noobs in order and helping out with server stuffs. The server is still developmental and doesn't yet have much of a player base. (2-5 people a day, if that) This gives a lot of time for fixing plugin issues and of course building epic stuff for the players to enjoy! The server is mainly survival with the addition of PVP arenas, mob fighting, parkour and soon-to-be spleef arena! I need some CM design help of course to make things look amazing and work properly! Feel free to suggest things or jump on the server and help out!


Numbered IP is also available as some people (who probably made typos) couldn't connect with the above hostname... which is weird..

SirAlex might read this and be like "uhh no one told me the server was broken!" in which case uhh.. bugging you over and over to put the server back up seems... pointless! Fixing the server would be nice however, I miss my epic cobblestone kingdom!

That's all for now, happy editing and block punching!
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Re: Official cm|Minecraft

Postby Footknight » Sun Feb 14, 2016 7:28 am

My Minecraft server is temporarily closed due to high costs... because finances are a load of crap... *ahem* anyhow, cm|Minecraft was alive for about a week and then crashed again! Many attempts to bug SirAlex about it have failed... Perhaps he is on the forums more than IRC?

I would like to see that server back up full time again, I am curious as to what is responsible for the crashing all the time. Perhaps if us Minecrafters chip in we can pay for some hosting with a little more balls? (Just an idea)

I have heard talk of a world reset being a thing. I like the idea in some ways but also dislike it. I feel we have our bases and farms adequate enough now that we can advance to the next stages: mini-games and mega-builds!

I would love to see Khorne and Tzeen's church completed and would be more than happy to supply resources. I have projects of my own in which I'd like to get a move on:

Old Base Restoration Project
PVP Arena/Completion of 'North Chunk Border Base'
The Trans-Footknightion Rail Project (Connecting my bases and whoever else wants' by rail for sightseeing purposes and server tours)
De-cobble-ization Project (Replace/Remove the majority of the cobble mess I created at my base)
?Spleef Arena?
?Pig Race? (Provided I can get the one on Bosurgi's realm in working order, I would like to improve and recreate it on cm|Minecraft)

These are of course nothing more than ideas, some of which I have already started. I would certainly love to see this server back up full time (without heaps of downtime).
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Re: Official cm|Minecraft

Postby Doom32 » Mon Feb 15, 2016 8:16 pm

Don't know why I'm going to bother comment, we all know the server will likely stay down..

But, I recommend a world restart..
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