Ringing in 2018!

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Ringing in 2018!

Postby Footknight » Sun Dec 31, 2017 7:10 pm

Hard to believe we're already moving on into 2018! Feels like just last week when I was being a total retard and begging to be a part of what was once such an active crazy group of super nerds!

This awesome forum still exists and I get an almost nostalgic feeling every time I check in here. Hopefully some action will stir up around here again! Would be awesome to see what everyone is doing these days!

What am I doing? At the moment working, making ends meet and taking some online university courses in Game Design and Animation, which so far is a blast!

Sauer? Yes, once in a while! Minecraft? Yes, once in a while.. (nearly all the time)

Pokemon? Maybe.. a lot.. yeah.. *eyeing the Fire Red cartridge in my GBA on the shelf beside my computer desk*

Happy New Year! Let's make it happen folks!
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Re: Ringing in 2018!

Postby Cooper » Fri Feb 16, 2018 3:54 pm

Hey there Footknight! I get nostalgic feelings here too. Unfortunately there war no projects anymore, getting the community together again.
Game design and animation! Great! I'm still gathering knowledge and experience form various fields, right now focusing on finances and economy.

All the best for you too and thanks for the tip: Checking all boxes except the signatur below the text field lets me post!
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