What is the purpose of an editor clan? Everyone can produce playable, all of a piece maps on his own. It even works better alone, as it is much easier to keep one style and achieve the conception someone has in his mind. The purpose of Cubic Matter is to experience and gain what you won't get while editing on your own.

Let's start with the communication. Soliloquys are boring in the long run. Noone is there to answer, noone will comment on your stuff or advise you of mistakes. In Sauerbraten multiplayer you always meet different people whose intention you never know. What if the guy who just told you your house looks like shit doesn't like houses in general? What if the guy who just told you your map looks absolutely deformed didn't even /getmap? Cubic Matter, with its forum and the IRC chat, offers a great opportunity to have reliable reviewers and critics, even if Sauerbraten is not running. You get new ideas and perspectives and can always be sure that they are meant seriously as others expect the same from you.

Why not edit something together? With other people directly watching you, your motivation increases and by watching others you gain new ideas which may be the base of a great new creation. Also you may see technics you didn't know before. Others can teach you many things and simple small talk beside editing is always fun.

Fun is another key word for Cubic Matter. Sauerbraten is a game and games are made to have fun. We all do this in our free time and want to relax or allow free play to our creativity. Rules, limitations and reprisals should be kept minimized.

Cubic Matter is formally a clan without leadership. For administration there are of course a few admins. Still, important decisions are made by the community and every vote is counted equally. Anyone can propose any proposal any time, or question anything he or she wants.