Do you have a clanmap?

Yes; cmvalley. It consists of a river floating through snow covered mountains, passing a village and a few waterfalls.

Who are these guys talking on top? / Who is talking in the sky?

There is a chat program called IRC. It lets people chat with each other in channels. Example Picture There is the #cubicmatter channel, so cm-members have a chatroom for discussion or the #Sauerbraten channel, where people playing Sauerbraten meet. Our Sauer servers cm|hypertriangle and cm|mandelbrot are connected to the IRC channels #hypertriangle and #mandelbrot. The chat from the Sauerbraten servers can be seen in the IRC chat and other way round. Therefore cm-members can administrate the Sauerbraten-servers without being in Sauerbraten, as they can send commands via IRC chat.

Why can't I be in other editing-clans while being in Cubic Matter?

  • Commitment: Being in 10 clans at once is not really effective. It's fun for the person, but not for the other people around him, who'll barely see him. You should take this "clan thing" seriously - the ambition is to form a group of people who know and trust each other - which cannot work if you just put one more clan tag behind your name and move on to the next clan forum for another application.
  • You fully enjoy the advantages of being in Cubic Matter so Cubic Matter wants to fully enjoy your attention.
  • Associating with other clans: If there's a person that also is part of anotherclan, and anotherclan's members are infamous, then our clan will have to suffer.