How to use copy/paste

Copy/Paste is one of the most important functions for an editor. It allows you to multiply anything you need as often as you like windows, doors, pillars and to create consecutive structures like bridge arches, pavements, fences and


[c] Copy [v] Paste [x] Flip [r+mousewheel] Rotate [ j] Jump to red mark


1 .

Select your creation and press [c] to copy it. (Sauer now saves the selection in a buffer)


Before pasting your creation you need to watch out for the "red corner". Every selection you made, even if it is just a single cube has a little red mark in one of the bottom four corners.


If the red mark is hidden like in picture (3) and (4), press [ j] to focus the view on it.

This red mark indicates in which direction your selection will be pasted. It represents one corner of your selection after paste. Copytut1.jpg Copytut2.png


To paste, press and hold [v]. A selection will appear, representing the dimension of your creation. By right clicking and holding you can move it around in case you need to adjust its location. Releasing [v] will paste your creation. Note that the cube you have selected when pressing [v] will always be a part of the pasted creation.

Instead of holding [v] for adjustments you can also paste your creation in an open area, select it, then adjust the location by holding [left shift] and move it to where you need it. This is useful when the location of the red mark doesn't paste in the direction you need it.


Moving the pasted creation into position with [left shift] also allows you to paste a creation without deleting cubes that are located in empty spots of the selection. To do so, paste your creation in an empty spot and then move it into position with [left shift]. Cubes in positions not used by the pasted cubes will remain. If you still want to delete these remaining cubes, press [v] to paste "overwrite" the whole selection.