Particles help make a map more appealing and realistic. If you made a smokestack, it would need smoke, or a fireplace would need fire.

Open up any map to start and enter edit mode by pressing "e". Type in "/newent particles 0"(do not add the " when typing this command). This will give you a fire particle.

To change this particle, simply click on it and scroll up or down. The outcome will be a large selection of different types of particles.

You can also change the color, size, and appearance of your particle. If you click on the particle, press 2 and scroll, this will change the size of your particle (do this on your fire particle). If you do the same thing for 3, it will change the height of it. Doing this with 4 will change the color.

You will have to experiment with other types of particles. This is just a rough outline of how to do it with a fire particle. You can use the same techniques, though, on other particles. It may not have the same response, as in instead of changing size it might change direction. This tutorial should help you know more about the functions of particles.

{{#ev:youtube | tYfV_7fvdAI}}

Buttons and their actions

                      Hold 2 and scroll - change width
                      Hold 3 and scroll - change height
                      Hold 4 and scroll - change color
                      Click on the particle - change particle type